An Interdisciplinary Journal

2007, Vol.10, No.3, pp.247-255

Criticality of FQ Type in the Context of Autonomous Systems and Systems with Noise.
A. P. Kuznetsov, S. P. Kuznetsov, I. R. Sataev, and A. V. Savin

The type of critical behavior at the onset of chaos combining two scenarios of transition to chaos is investigated for coupled period-doubling systems. It is demonstrated that the codimension of this critical behavior in the dissipatively coupled autonomous auto-oscillatory systems is 3. Renormalization group analysis of this critical behavior in the noisy driven systems is presented. It is shown that to observe scaling in the noisy driven systems one should rescale the noise amplitude, the numerical value of the correspondent scaling constant is evaluated.
Key words: renormalization group, chaos, noise

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